Youth Group Bowling Event

IMG_5819The very first joint Junior and Senior Youth Group event of this year was a huge hit (or rather, a huge strike)! Members of both groups had a chance to get to know each other over a fun evening of bowling. Question: why should a bowling alley be extremely quiet? So you can hear a pin drop. Unfortunately the night was anything but quiet, as an overwhelming amount of cheering on team members was heard instead. As soon as you put on your bowling shoes, it didn’t matter whether you were a junior or a senior youth. The only thing that mattered was helping your team be the best! But regardless of the final score, all members played phenomenally. Some exceptional performances were seen by people who claimed it was their “first time bowling”, and some surprising strikes were caused by people who are big proponents of the “granny shot”, aka. rolling the ball at a very very slow speed. But hey, it’s still a valid technique! Since bowlers always have time to spare (ha!), down time was spent eating pizza, chatting with new friends, taking pictures, and giving high-fives to other players. Fun and fellowship are right up our alley (get it?), so the event was as smooth as the bowling lanes. I’m on a roll! Okay I’ll spare you the bowling jokes…alright that was the last one.

We’d like to say thank you to Father Larry for paying us a visit and joining in! We’d also like to say a special thank you to the CWL for their very generous donation towards this event. Thanks to you, we had a chance to become closer as a youth group family, and share in an entertaining outing that we’ll never forget!IMG_5809

God Bless,

The Blessed Sacrament Youth Group



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