Baptism FAQs


Baptism at Blessed Sacrament

Frequently Asked Questions:

How long after the birth of a child should the baptism take place?

When can my child be baptized?

What do I do first if I am seeking Baptism?

Do I need to be a registered parishioner to seek Baptism for my child?

What if I am unmarried, not married in the church, or a single parent, can my child still be baptized?

Can our child be baptized in a parish if we do not live within the parish boundaries?

Can our child be baptized if we’re not practicing Catholics?

What is the oldest my child can be for “infant baptism”?

What is the role of the godparent?

Who can serve as a godparent?

Can we have two godfathers or godmothers instead of a godmother and a godfather? Can there be more than two godparents?

Can a parent or sibling serve as a godparent?

Can we have a private baptism?

How much does it cost to baptize my child?

Does my spouse have to attend the Baptism preparation class if he/she is not Catholic?

This is not my first child; must I attend the Baptismal preparation program again?

Are pictures allowed during the baptism?

Can a family priest or deacon baptize our child at Blessed Sacrament Church?

What if the person I have chosen as godparent is unable to be present at the Baptism?

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